June 02, 2017

Selling a property with a tenant in place?

When a property that is tenanted has to be placed on the market, it quite often results in tenants being inconvenienced by the open homes, buyer inspections, building inspections etc etc. Unfortunately, there is no win for the tenants, they don’t benefit from great presentation or a great result in the selling price. Hence, why some landlords decide to place a property on the market once tenants vacate. However, this could result sometimes in the landlord missing out on weeks or even months of rental income whilst the property is on the market.

So in this scenario, where can we assist as an agency and make sure that neither the tenant or the landlord miss out? There is probably no real strategy in solving the problem, however, we do believe in thorough communication with tenants and be flexible as an agency. Pre-plan open homes at times that suit them. Give them ample time in advance to clean and get the property ready for inspections. Serve them the correct paperwork and genuinely work with them as much as you work with the buyers and sellers.

We once again realized that even in the most difficult of sale, and with tenants that truly loved the house they were renting and really didn’t want it sold. The result is not only a happy Landlord with rent paid until the day of settlement, also an appreciative tenant that wanted to say thank you for the work that we have done.



" Thank you so much for being a fantastic Real Estate Property manager. We are very grateful for all your assistance over the last few years. I feel bad that I am in Victoria while Lynny is left to sort this out. We both just wanted to say thanks.
Cheers, Peter Grieger" 

" Many thanks to yourself, Jolien and Chris for your kind and thoughtful approach towards us, in the last 3 years and especially in the last 5 months since the house went up for sale, it has been really fantastic to deal with such great bunch of people and we are sad to say goodbye.
Thanks again for your professionalism!

Cheers, Lyn Grieger"