Our Commission Offer

Our Commission offer

Our Fixed Rate Real Estate Coolum Beach officeThere are a lot of great real estate agencies on The Sunshine Coast. Most of these agencies charge very high fees (usually around 2.9%  plus marketing). When fees are this high, it becomes very difficult to achieve the best result for a client, even with a great sale price.

At Fixed Rate Real Estate, we’re all about offering a high-quality agency service while also maintaining significantly lower fees. We believe that the best result for our clients come when they achieve a great sale price AND pay the lowest possible fees.

Fixed Rate Real Estate is a zero commission real estate agency. We are an independent company offering a full professional service for a highly competitive fixed fee.

If you or your clients would like a professional, fee-for-service alternative to the traditional real estate agent's commission based fees, that are not calculated as a percentage of the sale price of the property, then contact us today.



Why are our fees lower?

We can offer such low fees because we avoid a lot of the overheads that traditional agencies are subject to. For instance, instead of operating under a franchise model, ( which we did for over 8 years) we’re actually now a completely independent agency. This not only saves us a significant amount of franchise fees but allows us as an agency to operate with much more flexibility to dictate the fees we charge.

We also save a lot of money by operating out of one central office, instead of maintaining multiple retail offices. A huge amount of money goes into leasing and furnishing a traditional real estate storefront, and by avoiding these expenses, our overheads are significantly reduced.

We put all of our focus into the things that actually do impact the sale price of a property. Marketing is crucial, and we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our high-impact campaigns, with beautiful photography, dedicated agents, and incredible online exposure.

We know what it takes to consistently produce impressive results, and we’re committed to providing a level of service that speaks for itself.


Meet Fixed Rate Real Estate Team

We’re a friendly, highly experienced team who know exactly what it takes to achieve impressive results.